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At Direction, we provide creative, printing, promotional and Internet marketing solutions that empower effective marketing and brand building strategies. We incorporate visual, cultural and emotional images that extend beyond the tangible attributes of your products and services to generate attention, interest, desire and action.

Extensive knowledge of Internet technology and computer programming play an essential role in our ability to develop web sites, multimedia CD's and e-business software that increase sales, lower expenses and improve service.

Branded as "E-complete" and "Print-Quotes", Direction's revolutionary e-business software products allow companies to power their own web sites with the most advanced features in estimating, procurement, production and inventory control, supply-chain management, customer service, marketing, messaging and reporting to increase sales, lower expenses and improve customer service.

Direction's software and services have enabled manufacturers and distributors from various industries to implement cost-effective, higly funtional e-business solutions that truly allow them to capitalize on the opportunities associated with the "New Digital Economy".