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Direction delivers complete marketing solutions by integrating creative, printing, promotional and Internet services with effective marketing and brand building strategies.

The following provides a brief outline of the process and services Direction implements to ensure that your company has a long and profitable future.

Market Research

Both internal and external research provides the necessary foundation for Direction to develop effective marketing and brand building strategies. Direction identifies current functional competitive advantages, target markets and segments. Outside influences such as competitors, customers and market conditions are examined to identify potential opportunities or threats.

Based on our research, Direction defines or redefines your ideal target market and subdivides it into the appropriate segments. Understanding these segments and their behavior is key to developing an effective marketing and brand building strategy.

Brand Building

With a clear understanding of your business and market, Direction defines an effective positioning strategy which will become the foundation upon which your brand is built.

Based on target market segments and positioning, Direction defines the appropriate brand character. Logos, tag lines and naming systems for your company, products and services are constructed under your brand's platform. Visual standards are formed to achieve the desired emotional response from the target audience. This brand character establishes consistency for all marketing communications.

With a clear definition of target market segments, positioning and brand character, Direction creates a messaging architecture to deliver the right message, to the right audience, using the most effective media at the right time.

Communication Planning

Direction implements the positioning, brand character and messaging architecture consistently into corporate stationery, brochures, direct mail, catalogues, packaging and point of sale print materials as well as web and multimedia solutions. Our team works within your company's budget and deadlines to design, develop and deliver effective communications.

Creative Services

Our creative team incorporates visual, cultural and emotional images that extend beyond the tangible attributes of your products and services. They work hand in hand with our technology team making sure the development of your communications generate attention, interest, desire and action.

Technology Services

Our team utilizes leading edge technologies in the development of all web sites, multimedia presentations, e-business software and print projects to enable your company to truly capitalize on the opportunities associated with the "New Digital Economy".

Strategic Marketing

Direction's marketing team works with you to target your markets through strategic services or media that will promote your company, products and services uniquely and effectively. Our team utilizes a variety of services or media including advertising, direct mail, public relations, events, seminars and the Internet to enable quick and profitable results.

Whenever possible, Direction will measure results to determine effectiveness. Surveying, poling or analyzing responses, hit rates and sales revenues will allow your company to justify future strategies and investments.

For more information on how Direction can assist you in creating a more profitable future for your company, please call 519.894.6514 or have a look in our direction via our web site menus and links.