Head in the right Direction...

Direction is a communications company that has been specializing in creative, printing, promotional and Internet marketing solutions since 1995. Our unique blend of marketing savvy, creativity and unparalleled understanding of technology allow us to create compelling communication materials that empower effective marketing and brand-building strategies.

Direction is located about an hour west of Toronto, Ontario in the heart of the "Technology Triangle" of Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge. Due to our ability to deliver superior solutions, no matter what your budget or deadline may be, Direction boasts a long and diverse list of satisfied clients throughout Canada and the United States.

Get more Bang for your Marketing Buck!

Companies typically spend 3% to 5% of their operating budget on communications media and for every 14 cents spent on communication media materials, another 86 cents is spent on activities to bring them to market.

At Direction, our creative consultants have many years of experience working with companies like yours to analyze your current communication needs and customize a solution that will reduce production and fulfillment costs without compromising design, quality or service.

For more information on how Direction can assist you in delivering a higher return on your marketing investment, please contact one of our representatives or have a look in our direction via our web site menus and links.